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Admin Abuse

Post  Tek Chad on Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:59 pm

Admin Abuse?

If you feel that you have had unnecessary punishments or have witnessed as admin abusing his powers then this is the section for you to post. Please do not hessitate to tell us that you have been punished for no reason or for false imformation. We take admins/members breaking rules very seriously and would like each and every incident that occurs to be reported.

Please give us the full imformation as to why you are reporting this admin for whatever reason. Here is an example:

You're name? -

Which admin are you reporting? -

Why are you reporting this admin? -

What happend? -

What proof do you have? -

You're steamID - (Optional)

What you wish Tek leaders to do? -

Please fill out your complaints below. Thank you!
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